Our history

The Protean Quartet is born in 2018 in Basel, moved by the curiosity and passion for the “Historically Informed Practice” movement. The ensemble is mainly focused on the rediscovery of the stylistic, rhetorical and technical aspect of the musical language from the Classical and Pre-Romantic period. The deep interest in the combination of authenticity and meaningfulness, aims to establish a fresher musical speech style.

Graduated in several european Colleges of Music (Berlin, Zürich, Frankfurt, Basel), their members have been strongly influenced by diverse artists such as Amandine Beyer, Roel Dieltiens, Olivier Foures, Christophe Coin, Andrea Marcon, Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, Thomas Demenga, Paolo Pandolfo, Petra Müllejans, Ferenc Rados, Anton Kernjak, Claudio Martinez -Mehner, Eberhard Feltz, Rainer Schmidt and the Quartets Casals and Quiroga.

Since its formation, it has performed in important festivals in Spain, Germany and Switzerland, including the Oude Muziek Festival in Utrecht 2019 (Groote Zaal, Tivoli Vrendeburg) FIAS 2021 and this summer will present its debut in the Festival de Saintes 2021 with two programs with music by Haydn, Canales, Mendelssohn and Beethoven.
Recently, Protean Quartet has been awarded the First Prize at the Biagio-Marini International Competition 2020.

Apart from their dedication to the quartet, their members play regularly with the most important groups of the baroque scene such as Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Balthasar Neumann Ensemble, Collegium Vocale Gent, Il Convito, Diletto Musicale and Geneva Camerata, among others.

Furthermore, they are also committed to broader audiences with their creation of interdisciplinary performances, blending Dance, Visual Art and Music. In 2021, they will record their Debut CD- Album with the classical music label "Eudora Records".